Specializing in Cincy Foods

Our Portofio of Cincinnati Food Companies and product placements are growing  exponentially & shown confidentially at our introductory meetings..

   White Paper & Blue Sky

 Your new item idea has already gone through   these stages with your team;

 The need, The problem , Your solution in the   background of today's market and Competition 

 But the Cincy Foods story is about how   our local Brands have all added an intrinsic   hometown Value to their offering that   distinguished them from the national   competition and created a following that has   left them without competition, exclusive, desirable, and successful.

 This is where InoAgro add's "empirical value" -   we grow up in the White Paper & Blue Sky area   of today's Cincy Foods and we personally   know what it takes to create a Local Brand . .   for 10+ years as one of Cincinnati's Top 100     Private Companies.